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I'm new to this forum and am currently going for a WM's selection process, as part of the process I've been asked to talk about what I think a "Standard day" would look like.

I just want to get an idea as to whether an other services around the country operate their days based on an expected structure, such as drilling between 11am and 12, times where your expected to do community work, and so forth. I do appreciate that this will very rarely happen and there is need to be flexible, but I'm just curious how it works, if at all and what it looks like.

Any feedback would be great.

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If I were you, regardless of the structure of the day I would focus on purpose of the activities and put a heavy leaning on the prevention/protection activities as this the is the drive from NFCC , government and all the hmicfrs inspections.

Are your watches accountable for any targets? if so you may want to mention the WM flexibility to acheive/exceed such- strict adherence to timings may not allow for that - but a loose structure would (Imho).

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19 hours ago, SpongeBob said:

I've been asked to talk about what I think a "Standard day" would look like

I would imagine you have a few years under your belt which you can draw experience from. As a FF and a CM, what did a Standard Day look like?. Was it inline with your FRS Policy?  

Even as a firefighter 20 + years ago, I knew how the day should pan out?

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Thank you for the responses, I normally try to organise my crews day to a structure already, we have, in the past tried to be formalised in that structure, to the point of trying to expect everyone doing the same thing at the same time. But unsurprisingly, this did not work.  From my experience it is important that we prioritise our work load and be flexible with that approach, but not to the extreme that it is detriment to our training.

Having read the HMICFRS summary report, and my services current strategic views, I do agree that there is a greater focus on prevention/protection activities with the need to be able to evaluate and quantify the work that we are doing. With the need to try and refocus on inspections and enforcement work as well as justifying the quality of the community work that we do and the impact it is having, such as, after performing a home safety check have we managed to reduce the risk after our intervention or is there anything else we can do to help lower that risk.

Again thank you for the responses.

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Get in early- Coffee

09.30 Roll call - then Tea

Routines- stand easy 11.00

Drills - Lunch 13.00

Fire safety visit- Tea and cake 15.00

Any other business and gym - dinner 18.00

tea and coffee

go home 20.00

Happy to help😀

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Realistically we do need to reduce the work load to allow more tea and cake time😁

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