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I have been asked to deliver a bit of a presentation to some new officers who have never had a SANJ Radio. Whilst I have had one for about 10 years I could probably put something together in terms of a presentation, but no point reinventing the wheel if someone has a presentation or an aide memoir I could share with them. 

Has anyone got a presentation that they would like to share? If so could you let me know, it would be much appreciated. :)

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Fire Engine Wireless to you @Messyshaw 😂

Current Fire Appliance Radios to us still using them :)

Service Access Node to be precise the J denoting it can be carried in your Jacket. 

  • SAN A - Appliance
  • SAN B - Base Station
  • SAN C - Car Fitment
  • SAN J - Carried about the person


Everyday is a learning day on here :)

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Carl, I'll have a look for you mate  think I've got the original presentation.

It's an aplliance radio on its side basically, you may also have the speed dials (if you use them) configured differently, do you use point to point?

I'm up in gmfrs for a national dim user group meeting 11/12 March

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No problem, however my presentation may not have ptp as we don't use it..so you may need to add a slide..I can send it to yr work email if you like.I've got you in my work email address

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