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Accommodation for LFB Training in March


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Hi Guys,

So I start my training on March 18th and trying to find accommodation for park royal, Finchley and Harrow. Thought I had someone who could help for Park Royal but they fell through. Where have others stayed who didn't live in London? 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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Try looking on booking and holiday lettings. Better than air bnb. Me and 3 others would just book 5 days at a time. Tended to work out about £100 each. For Harrow look in the local area and areas like wealdstone. Park Royal we stayed in  Wembley, Brent Park and white city.

No idea about finchley... wasn't aware any courses were being held there? Look forward to seeing you at harrow

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Think I've sorted it now👍😁Thanks for suggestions guys. @Rory-495 we have 3 random days at Finchley in week 2. Bit of a pain but that's just what we have to do. Yeah will be great to catch up at Harrow. Can't wait to be done with all this pre learning 😂😂

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A few lads on our course stayed at the Travelodge at Park Royal would only be £100 for the week if you got three of you sharing one room. Finchley there’s loads of parking outside the station, I really enjoyed the 3 days at Finchley. 

Trust me, the pre learning is the very tip of the iceberg! 

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Neil you won't see me, I'll be in the station as I made the big move from harrow training centre to hartow fire station!

You'll have to let everyone know the details about finchley as it seems a new part. Charlie what's the info on it?

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Finchley is 3 days and is a basic intro to pumps, hydrants, branches and they’ll run you round doing drills especially on the last day, nothing too taxing, burst branch length, burst hydrant length. You’ll get to have a go on the pump which isn’t as daunting as you think. 

Just make sure when it comes to it you know your stuff on hydrant stuff, flow rates and pressures they will q and a you and expect you to know about them. It’ll be in your learning the night before. 

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