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Fire Scene Camera

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I am after some advice.  Our FI cameras are up for review.  We currently have a decent SLR and a Pentax 'point and shoot' that is waterproof, shockproof and idiot proof.

If you had up to £350 to blow on a camera that was for use at a fire scene, what would you go for?  It would have to balance ease of use, durability in a wet and dirty environment with often poor light, portable and decent image quality.

Does such a camera exist?  I know another FI team that are looking at the Olympus Tough TG4?


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I know we have chatted before on this Jm, and as you know I have certainly thrown a lot of money at cameras and lenses which I use for family stuff etc. I did actually purchase a small compact Canon camera a few years back and to be honest, it is better than my DSLR which I paid 10 times more for. It probably isn't, its just easier to use and great for on the pump. xD

The model I bought is no longer available but an equivalent is the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS which if its anywhere near as good as my current one, you will not go wrong.

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When I did my photography training for work we spent a week doing Crime Scene photography. Am I guessing it's along the same lines as that?

For something like that, I would go for an Olympus Tough TG-4. We tested the older model for an operational camera in the army and was bombproof and they stood up well to most things. They are pretty much point and shoots but will get a job done. 

You will never get the same quality that you would from a DSLR but it would be a good place to start. Also maybe invest in a decent tripod then you can leave the camera on it and use a slower shutter speed without getting movement in the images. 


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I quite like the look of that Olympus Camera. Might have to look at something similar myself when my current one goes wrong. Don't seem to get use out of my DSLR, its a bit too big for the pump ;)

After looking around, it looks like the TG-5 is just around the corner ;)

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Cheers both. I'd looked at the Olympus and then found out London FIT are too. I didn't know however that the TG-5 is due soon 


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