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Can finally share this.

Its been a long process for me. I applied in Oct 17 with aspirations of becoming a firefighter. This was my first application so I didn't allow myself to get to disillusioned. I was offered and assessment in Oct 18, I was looking through Google when I found this forum and I am so glad I did. There is so much information and help from members so I wish to thank all the people before me who asked the questions and thank all the people who took the time to answer those questions.

I received my letter last Thursday offering a provisional start march 15th subject to refrences. 

if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

and sincerely thank you all.

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Well done mate, hopefully it will be you giving advice to some hopeful recruit soon. And not running off for a fire in the open like i did ( was impressed how quickly you got out of my ppe, im only that fast when getting back from a job at 3am and my pits calling! )

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Well done @Docw9520. You obviously put a lot of work in. As much as we do not appear to have assisted you, as you joined having been successful, we hope you hang around and share your experiences with those who are still pursuing their career ;)

Well done and enjoy what this job will bring you. ;)

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@Carl the forum really did help prior to assessment day especially with knowing what to expect I just never really felt a need to post requests for information as its all already on the forum. so I would thoroughly recommend anyone to join this forum. as I have found it invaluable, and will stick around to offer any help or advice to potential joiners.

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