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Kit Standards


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Going to collect my kit today and will be sorting it out over the weekend.

In regards to ironing it, crease down the trousers? Crease down the shirt sleeve?

Im thinking back to my time in the army with creases so sharp you’d cut yourself, but don’t want to be hammering them into my new uniform when they’re not supposed to be there.

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Yes, if you keep your own personal admin standards to the level you learned in the mob you won’t go far wrong. Make a good impression, smile and play the grey man. 

Good luck on your course.  👍🏼

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If its the good old shirt and pants then yes, crease in the middle of the pants up to the belt loops. 10 out of 10 if you get them on the arse side.

For us in GMFRS it's a crease from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve, not starting from the collar. Your got pleats in the back ?

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I'm seeing a lot of these types of posts recently. It's not silly to be concerned about such things but I will say that there are more pressing things you could be worrying about in the meantime (no pun intended!). Being prepared for your course in both mind and body is of the utmost importance at this stage. You will (probably) be issued your kit on your first day and the standards of appearance will be fully explained to you by your course instructors. Only they will be able to advise on such things, not anyone on this forum as we have all joined differing brigades at different times so standards will vary significantly. This isn't just aimed at the OP but anyone in a similar boat.

Wish you all the best on your course @Nufc23 and I look forward to your success story.

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I’ve already been issued my kit on Friday due to starting training on Tuesday on an evening and weekend course for a wholetime position.

My mind and body are in perfect condition for the course, I just wanted to get my kit sorted over the weekend so I don’t have to mess about after I finish my regular job on Tuesday to go to training.

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Without wishing to sound negative, I suspect whatever you do will be ‘wrong’ on day 1.

Part of the beginning is to re set everyone to the same standard. Something I suspect you’ll already have experienced and will find very easy to adapt to.

whether ex military, retained, civilian etc etc. Everyone will need to meet the standard of firefighter. Whether that is up or down (and I don’t mean drop your personal standards I mean recognise they almost certainly won’t be as high as military).

Be smart, well turned out, standby for the usual nonsense and you’ll have no issues as you've already got the experience of personal discipline.  Just the firey stuff to get your head round, best of luck.

In addition to above, have re -read and I want to clarify my post above . The standards required for fire will be lesser than military, not your personal  standards are less than military.

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My recruits course and everyone I’ve spoken to have all said the same. No matter how well or in the vast majority of cases badly you’re turned out on day 1 it is highly unlikely in my opinion you’ll be given the ‘well done old bean, top effort’ from the training staff. 

The beginning of any recruits course has always been ‘ this is how WE do it, you’re part of a team now’ or words to that effect. 

Or has it all truly gone to the dogs and it’s all cuddles and never mind buttercup try harder tomorrow? 

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