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Closing Door after Initial Entry


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Is anyone's Service now teaching closing doors behind crews after entry to limit air tracks and to control flow paths to a fire before water is being put on it? Either with the use of smoke curtains or just simply closing doors as much as possible. 

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Anti-ventilation is the new ventilation. Lots of new tactics coming out of a national study led by (I believe) West Sussex and Kent. Well some of it is new, some of it is going back to old ways that are proved to actually have worked in the first place. 

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21 hours ago, TrainHardFightEasy said:

Not currently in mine but it makes sense. Are you using tac vent phase 3? 

Yeah we are using Phase 3. It is something we are starting to think about teaching, but my opinion is something we have probably been doing for years and years at structural fires without ever giving it a name. 

21 hours ago, Dyson said:

No he isn’t. 

Yup. Door control and flow path management should be something we are all practicing at every structural fire. 

Lets talk about it here .... 

Not sure why you think we're not using phase 3, been using it here for years. But I agree on door control and flow path management. We have been drip feeding it to crews gradually last year or so. Problem was always training venues to give good demos, but Authority just agreed to spend 11m on new training centre so that should see to that! 

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Fair enough. Surely having the training and option to do both as no situation is ever really the same makes sense though. Don't have to just be one or the other?

GMFRS for example as Carl said have been doing this for years but are also phase 3 ppv trained

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