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Fire Safety Engineering

Julian Wahnon

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Hi - Currently working on the fire safety engineering solution for the design phase of a special school for disabilities. 

The guidelines and documents I am using are those in the likes of the British Standard (BS9999 & BS8300), and also at times referring to BB100/ BB102/ BB104. 

One thing I have realised is when referring to the British Standard Doc, the vertical means of escape carries no extra width on the minimum escape width as a result of disabled users in the school (I.e. the need for space for evac chairs, etc). 
However, the Building Regulation Doc states a minimum 1.6m width of the vertical means of escape as a result of wheelchair users requiring a different speeds of travel when evacuating, thus allowing for two different 'lanes'. 

Is there a reason for this? Does the British Standard guidance doc advise an extra minimum width for mobility impaired users on a vertical means of escape? 

Would anyone be of assistance with any further possible documents/ guidance which may be of use for this project? 

Many thanks, 

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