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TIC Training During BA Initial Course.


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How much Thermal Image Camera input did you receive on your recruit course out of interest? 

And one of my mates and ex colleague is a BA Instructor for GMFRS now. And a bloody good one at that

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No input on the different functions of the tic we use, that we’ve had to learn through self study once on station. 

Every live fire wear we had, either 1 or 2 had a tic and was extensively used with the search procedures throughout. ‘Casualties’ were put out of reach of where our search pattern took us, to ensure we were using it to full capabilities. 

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Went through the basics of how it works what it can't detect and giving it the Z search sweep motion but as recruits the instructors didn't want us to blindly look into the screen and walk round dropping the self protection, which is probably the best way, so we would use it towards the end of the course once we grasped the basics 

Do you mean CC ? Top bloke that lad

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