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LFB Uniform During Training


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This may of been asked before but I cant find it anywhere. During the training stage do you take your uniform home so it can be cleaned, ironed ect and same with shoes or is this all done at the station before work 8-30?

Many thanks in advance

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Yeah take it home with you but you’ll be told not to wear it to and from work.

i found it easier to iron my shirts at work and I left my shoes there too and just polished them in the morning.

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You really don't have to worry about such trivial issues right now. I'd be more worried about the impression you're going to make on your first day and the attitude you're going to have going in. Not to mention staying fit and doing all the pre-learning you have to do. All admin type stuff will be explained to you when you join. If you have any other problems like 'what if I need the toilet in the middle of a drill' just put your hand up and ask when you're there.

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