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LFB Training Course


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I apologise now if this has already been asked somewhere else on the forum. 

Is there any advice or tips that anyone can pass on for training school? My start date is fast approaching and I’m getting more nervous about the test on day 1.

I just want to hit the ground running and not be caught napping. 


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Work as a team, and put 100% energy into every drill, you won’t get beasted anywhere near as much in Plaistow if you’re running around the drill yard even if you’re not doing everything perfect. And work as a team, always, you’re going to have people that are weaker in some areas and stronger in others play on that and help each other. Remember to Enjoy it as well. One last time, work as a team!

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I made a post here covering it generally Here, I'll be updating it at the end of the week when I pass out. Generally... listen to your instructors. If you think you can work harder, you can. And just enjoy it! Keep on top of the home learning too!

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