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Police Recruitment Video

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Durham Police

Saw this recently, i thought it was alot more honest than i expected the job to be, especially compared to these:

Leics Fire

H&W Fire

Does anyone think the modern day fire service should adopt something similar? Particularly for retained recruitment which the NFCC are majorly pushing? After 7 years working for the fire service, nearly 4 of them operational, ive encountered pretty much all of the Leics/H&W videos but as we know, its the tip of the iceberg for the role. Any thoughts?

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The Durham video is fantastic and head and shoulders above the 2 fire service ones.  I agree mate... we should make videos like Durham police... hats off to them. 

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Great video by Durham police. I’d like to know what that bloke thought he was going to gain by jumping out that window in his kegs mind. 

Jokes aside @Luminoki I think you’re right and especially for on call roles when you might be just about to tuck into your fillet steak on a Saturday evening when your pager goes off. 


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42 minutes ago, Jamiejet said:

We could make a video like Durham police, but then you run the risk of attracting the right type of people.

Hmm. Bodycams showing a ff doing the scrub out, carrying out the monthly check on the PPV fan and arguing around the mess table whose cooking what on nights?

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I really like the Durham one, very good comms piece. 

Its about striking that balance between appreciating the risks and action when it happens and the other side. I think LFB did quite a leap forward with their recent campaign centred around a ‘fire protector’, ‘fire educator’, ‘fire reassurer’ Etc. But this raw, personal account of Durham works great. 

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