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Motorway Maps

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Im looking to create a quick aide memoir to keep in my car so I can have a quick glance at a junction numbers etc. However, we have a lot of motorways up here which is sometimes confusing, especially at the other side of the brigade. 

Has anyone found any simple motorway specific maps online that I could print of list that will fit on one sheet. 

There is a good one online that shows the whole UK network like an underground map, but I simply want the M60, M6, M602, M62 and M66, ideally in one map :)

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I presume you meant the Motorway Map one?  Can you just not edit the PDF and crop out what you don't need?

I know many control rooms have motorway type maps up, can you not get a smaller copy of what they have if they have one?

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5 hours ago, Matt said:

Can you just not edit the PDF and crop out what you don't need?

Nope, it does not have the Junction numbers on it. 

Thanks @Kinmel, I might be able to make use of that one ;)

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I have the North West Control Map, which shows all the junctions, let me know if you sorted what you are looking for or I can email it over to you Carl? 

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