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Incidents Involving Anyone Famous


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With the news full of stories about the RTA involving the Duke of Edinburgh, has anybody attended an incident involving anyone famous? Or failing that z-listers or local celebrities. 

Best I can do is a local BBC sports reporter who got locked in a multi story car par. He'd come back to get his car after doing the late news and in the time between him entering the car park and getting his car, the security guard had locked up and went home. He'd tried a few options for getting out, but we eventually got the call and initially were going to break him out through a bottom door, but talked him in to going back up a few floors to a level with openings and brought him down via a 135 ladder.

His colleagues obviously got wind of this and it was mentioned on the next nights news, with a thanks to us.:) Then a few weeks later we got a call from them to stage a reconstruction which they filmed for a wind up at their Christmas doo.

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We have 100s living or staying in Manchester due to the TV Studios and football grounds, so come across them all the time. My old station area used to have a particular Man United footballer with big hair whose fire alarm kept going off. The first time we attended we didn't know whose house it was and it was a Saturday. I decided we would hop over the wall and check out the property. One because the alarm was going off, and two, because the house and grounds looked fantastic. However, within minutes there was a screech of brakes and security tipped up suspecting it was intruders. We then got to discover who's house it was and was given a tour. Oh how there other half live.

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I attended this one where Rihanna was evacuated. The picture of the machine I was riding was photographed by the superstar herself and posted online.

Unfortunately, I was unaware she was there as a trip to the roof in BA took precedence.

I later received free tickets to her concert at Twickenham Stadium as her team gave LFB loads of them 😃

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Best I can do is a few years back we got called to a fire in a flat, a rather posh flat.

Luckily it was something and nothing but I couldnt help notice the many framed pictures on the walls of the occupier and a very famous and very wealthy man.

Turns out the owner of the flat was Alan Sugar’s sister.

It was obvious that she wasn’t short of a few bob.

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When you have Ronnie Wood bobbing his head over the fence asking if everyone is ok when you’re at his next door neighbours, then you know you’re in Celebsville! In between nights I was once shopping at Waitrose in Cobham and in too I kid ye not was Freddie Flintoff, Antonio Banderas and Andy Murray 😂

To be honest, my former Brigade helps to look after probably the vast majority of London based stars, footballers and other ‘celebs’ and just due to the laws of average you would come into contact with them at some point.

Mine included... the Redknapps (lots of times), John Terry (and for that matter any and all Chelsea players as they have to live within 2 miles of the Cobham training ground), Eamon Homes and Ruth Langsford, Katie Price (lots), Gary Lineker and his then missus, Chris Tarant and one at his ex wifes house too (chances of that?!), Helen Chamberlain, Ray Wilkins RIP (top bloke), Eric Clapton (another nice fella).

I can honestly say the charity shops in Cobham and Oxshott are thee cheapest place to buy designer brands and goods, you want to see what these people throw away 😲

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That beats my Vernon Kay, Paddy McGuiness, Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Sarah Cox and Helen Flanagan, although you're scraping the barrel with Andy Murray. 🤣

I see you left out Max Clifford 🤫

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😂, to be honest I typed it but deleted!. He’s was extremely supportive of anything the Station did for years but obviously his despicable crimes of which he was convicted are horrendous so as with all Savilles undeniable massive charitable and good cause work, it is erased from history and memory. 

Another very generous resident following a fire at his ‘home’, without a proper sense of Service procurement procedures, offered to buy the local Fire Station a new Truck (every year) and all the kit in the world, what ever the Station wanted they could have. In fact, a while ago he also offered to fund its crew to go to the World Extrication Challenge, separate from Surrey, so deep were his pockets. The only caveat was that the truck and people would have to have the name of his shop he owned at the time on it. At Oxted FS Open Days he used to pop along in a convoy of cars with dozens of minders and give ‘quite a bit more’ in the bucket than other open days elsewhere in the country.

Trivia.. the chap was called Mo, his shop begins with a H and is propbably the most iconic shop in the world 🤓💰💰 💰💰💰

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If he had heard you calling it a shop then he may not have been so generous! 

Closest I have been to him or his retail emporium 😀 is turning out to a job involving one of his jet aircraft (and not even getting to the airport before the stop went in).

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Not a shout but this hero lives on our station ground. He's one of our favorites on The Undateables and something of a station meme. A Lord Richard quote gets dropped in once a day.

We're hoping for a Safe and Well Visit 👍

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I went to a barn fire outside John Challis’ house AKA  Boycie from Only Fools and Horses as he lives not too far from here.

I didn’t see him on our shift although the next day he did come out and meet the crews.

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There were a few well known people at Windsor Castle, not as if i saw any 😉. And one of the last ever jobs I was n charge of was in a property owned and very rarely occupied by the megalomaniac gay-hating multimillionaire the Sultan of Brunei. 

Years ago, we had a chimney job in a posh house converted into flats in Notting Hill. A very famous opera singer in the upstairs flat was annoyed as she had warned the neighbour downstairs to clean their chimney. She was also annoyed as her smoke filled flat could damage her voice and thereby her livelihood/income

The culprit was Michael Heseltines daughter Annabel and her yuppy Chinless chums at a dinner party

Somehow Private Eye magazine got hold of the story and made the most of the fact Michael Heseltine was environment minister as his daughter burned coal ........ in a smokeless zone. Priceless 😊

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