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Non Ops Riding the Trucks


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Folks does any brigade out there expect it’s uniformed CM and WM‘s who are department based to ride the trucks when staffing is bad? In WMFS, such officers have to ride the trucks 22 times every 12 months to help keep trucks on the run.  At the moment (I think) that would be all uniformed fire safety bods, training officers etc... 

If so what Training do they receive to maintain operational competence? 

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Its optional in GMFRS. Many used to do it as it was a way of keeping your skills up. Many managers supported it. Due to overtime arrangements there are now many who work the hours during the week to get a magic Friday which allows them to do a shift or two.

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Its not allowed in here.  As they aren't keeping in date with safety critical courses while in specialist posts. A TC instructor isn't permitted to do a stand in for a ops WM

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Day work roles (crew and watch) are expected to ride once  month as part of their maintenance of skills, either on one of their shifts by arrangement with their line manager, or on a weekend shift (ot) as long as it doesn't impact on their work. To be honest we'd have (more)pumps off the run if that didn't happen.

They have to complete the same core skills as watch based personel..example incident command assessments, ba hot wears etc etc

The title is a little misleading to be honest because non ops for us means they are not permitted or capable of riding (maybe medical grounds or other reasons)

@Carl no 9 day fortnight down here !

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@Becile. How can a Fire Safety Officer take 12 days off of their day job and it not impact their work?

I am not disputing the value of maintaining core skills, but if management believe taking almost a fortnight away from their key role won't effect productivity, with respect, it sounds a bit naive.

I would have properly thrown my toys out of the pram if I had been expected to maintain KPIs whilst being posted onto a pump for 12 days a year

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@Messyshaw quite agree, that’s why nearly all of the shifts are ridden on OT, and with the drive to put prevention and protection foremost, I would think this expectation is relaxed or removed., and if you look at @Noddy original post their expectation is nearly double ours .

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Yes, day duty staff in NIFRS are expected to ride the trucks 12 times a year, eg three 2,2,4 set in order to maintain competence.  They also still attend BAR, CFFT etc.

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