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Over Border Incidents


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Out off interest how often to big make ups near the border pull in over the border standbys? We're 15 mins away from Sutton and Purley and were wondering if we'd have to pop over.

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Happens here in this 3 county junction area every so often. We've had Godstone (closest WT surrey machine to Kent) standby at Sevenoaks on occasions and Crowborough in E.Sussex keep Tunbridge Wells warm if everyone is busy.

Given LFBs resourcing though I would have thought standbys from the counties into the smoke would be a bit rarer.

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Its the same here in West Mids, the only time ive known them to have assistance for standbys was when Jayplas recycling caught fire in 2013/14? They had 4 H&W trucks overnight for the south of the service and god knows what they had up the north end ( although i know Leek were standing by at Walsall overnight )

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Because the four Coventry stations (West Mids) are surrounded by Warwickshire FRS on all but one side of the city, Warwickshire often provided standby crews when bigger jobs occurred in my time working in the city.  On more than a few occasions (for those that know the area), I’ve returned to Foleshill to find Nuneatons crew standing by. 

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There are a couple of locations around here that could attract 3 or even 4 services attendance at one job rather than standby moves.

M62/A19 junction area at Eggborough Power Station could see North, South, West Yorkshire and even Humberside attending then a bit further down the M18 east of Doncaster area you are in South Yorkshire, Humberside, Nottinghamshire and even Lincolnshire territory. 

Lincs, Notts and Humberside can often rock up to Gainsborough area jobs due to close proximity of county borders.

Also south of Lincs towards bottom of the county you could have Lincs, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and even Leicestershire at jobs!

There have been others but the above ones have and do happy more frequently now with AVLS and some stations rather quicker off the mark than maybe the next station along in the county.  

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