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Your busiest / most interesting shift


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So, looking back what is your busiest/most interesting shift?

Having read Steve's post about bonfire night I remember being on our pump in 1999 in Coventry and had 23 shouts.  Busy but not particularly interesting.

The one shift that sticks in my mind was a few years later at Foleshill, again Coventry.  I was the LFm on the pump again and in the 15 hour night shift we had 2 working house fires, 2 RTA's, a flooding and 5 car fires.  It was manic, non stop and we were all buzzing. 

Its a shame we simply don't see shifts like that anymore. 

In far more recent times, I had my first double fatal fire shift in February this year.  Picked up a fatal house fire just after 0900 and on the way back to the office around 1600 I was sent to a body found in a burnt out shed.  Got home at 2300 hrs! 

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A few years back I attended 20plus shouts in a day during a period of localised floodings, and we have had a "full house",  persons reported, persons trapped, and a full Haz mat job in one night shift which was fun! Buncefield was also a busy period, but an incident I attended a few weeks ago at a care home where we rescued 33 out of 35 residents was the most challenging incident I have ever attended with FDO's pitching ladders and running out hose! As I pulled up the message from the fireground was 17 persons still unaccounted for, that woke me up!!!!!


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I was not around for the 15-20 in a day era but I did catch the last 6mths of London working 9 and 15.

On a night duty, I picked up a property fire very early on, not much, but they all count.

On return from that, I went on standby to Euston where I enjoyed 2 wears at separate jobs around shouts on the hour, every hour when available.

That was until 0740 when we got tipped out to 'one under'; not only was he under, he was about 100m into the tunnel (alcohol induced decision making) at the front of the tube. Another tube being half alogside made the trek with equipment even more difficult, as did the panic attacks from members of public, with it coming the day after the 7/7 inquest verdict was delivered. Safe to say, after how it had been highlighted in the news for the week leading to, it was a fright for many to see streams of 'services' making pace through the tube.

The poor fella was still making respiratory effort, so it was a long and complicated extrication, led by LFB, due to travel distabne and confined space. HEMS declared on the platform, handing me my 1st fatal incident.

A night like that 4mths into the job teaches you a lot about yourself and I certainly answered many of my own questions that March 4th/5th 2011.

I returned home to sunny South London at 1pm, grateful it had been second night.

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Euston nights can be like that Aspire :D  Busiest that I recall in recent times are the night of the London thunderstorms in June & September last year, they were both straight into it at 8.30, one shout onto the next all nighters.

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