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Newbie PPE Question


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Hi everyone! Start my 3 month wholetime course on January 5th for Lincolnshire. Excited, nervous and obviously want to make the best first impressions.

I understand the importance of looking impeccable in terms of pressed shirts, trousers etc.. 

I have been issued a pair of "smart shoes" but also my fire boots (jollys)

I understand I need to get my smart shoes as shiny as possible (any tips for this?)

But what I am confused about is am I expected to polish my fire boots.

I didn't want to start adding layers of kiwi polish to PPE without checking if this is the case.

Thank you.

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A slight bone of contention if I’m honest. Without question you’re right about having to have your shoes bulled. Regarding your boots, I’m personally of the opinion that a recruits time is better spent studying, working out or doing anything else that is actually useful instead of constantly bulling something that is going to get dirty/scuffed etc every drill you do. I do believe that even the army don’t insist their recruits have bulled boots. Just make sure they are clean for every parade and maybe apply a brush the first time you get them out the box.

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A quick wipe on and off with polish keeps boots tidy, you will get caked in mud when working on the grassed areas at Waddington especially at this time of year so clean that off and you will be good.  Also heads up for the rabbit holes, plenty of them on site!

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