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Inspection Results


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Well, the first tranche of results are out,

Pretty detailed, Having been involved in some of it  they haven't held back, let's hope it hits a cord with the people who hold the purse strings ! For us we've managed to influence/hold back another 6 million of savings in light of the report which management got a preview of prior to it's release today.


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Thanks for posting this, a great insight as to what we should expect in the Spring.

Given time for your workforce to reflect, i’d certainly be interested in the thoughts of of those in Surrey. 

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Great link gov, just had a quick scan so far. Be interested to compare Kent and Surrey when all the results are out.

Well @Aspire they hit the nail on the head regarding the brigade running on overtime. Overtime is open to all here so many RDS made up the numbers as well as quite a few on fixed term contracts. Come the 31st of this month my watch will be at a grand total of three including me, so we will need a spare bod from another watch or station every duty. I think our blue watch will shortly be in the same state.

Weve had three guys on FTCs. These are due to finish at the end of this month, taking an even bigger chunk of manning with them. We haven't really had any input on who will be replacing them,  so in near terms I can only see there being an even bigger glut of overtime. We have new recruits coming online in the middle of the year but with retirements it wont touch the sides I gather.

One of our retained FTC lads who managed to get in the public recruitment was a bit fretful about money in between leaving us and starting his course. We've said most likely he'll be out the door new years eve contract finish then back in the next day on overtime as if nothing happened....

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I've not read it all in detail yet and I am very new in the service,  but the workforce section does seem to be pretty on point from what I've seen. Organising cover for dutys does take up a lot of JOs time, and while we're thin on the ground next door it's exceptionally rare for whole stations to go off the run for want of bods. 

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@Carl..to be honest, it's a pretty fair representation of where we are, and actually allows us a bit of leverage as the bean counters can't argue or sway with this one.

There's no hiding, I actually think it's a good thing for uk fire services.

They do highlight the good as well, but the three areas are so broad.

If any  management think they can  hide/ bulls##t this one, they're in for a shock.

The good thing is that they talk to every area of the brigade, and come back if they don't get enough.

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I think these reports should be open and honest, might wake a few Brigades up!

Brigades can only learn form them and go forward, I cannot see every brigade as been perfect, I just hope something comes of it.  If any Brigade thinks they are perfect then they need to reevaluate things.

Only tonight one of the lads said we now have a good team in place (from a senior point of view) and I think hes right, there has been a lot of change recently but I think its for the good.  Roll on 2019 lets see what it brings.

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We’ve already had the false spin applied. Ours highlighted some of the real underlying issues but I can’t help feel there was some fluffy nonsense about the less important stuff sprinkled over the top. 

I have no faith the service will do anything other than pay lip service to it— much like the previous two cultural surveys that were ignored.

i would love to be proved wrong

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The absolute height of speculation on my part, but for me I can see these inspections as being a precursor for some sort of nationalisation project for fire services in England and Wales. I know the police have had these inspections for a number of years but I reckon they too could be almagamated.

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