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IFE Examinations

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In GMFRS we have been required to have our IFE exams should we require promotion. For example, if you wanted a WM job, you had to have all 4 papers of your Grads (Level 3 Diploma) before you could be promoted, your Members if you wanted a SM position. We have just recently changed this to an internal examination which has been agreed through the IFE and Skills for Justice for Crew Managers and I think Watch Managers. If you want a SM job, then you still require the 4 papers of the Members (Level 4 Certificate).

I know other brigades don't entertain the IFE exams but hear of a few that have taken them on. 

What does your FRS do in terms of the required underpinning knowledge for promotion purposes?

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I have my Grads that exempts me from the technical element of the SC process in Herts.

If you do not have your Grads then a 2 hour written exam is set. For a GC, Im pretty certain that IFE or similar is not requested.

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You need nowt in West Mids :S

If somebody like me who has their members exam wanted promotion in GMC, would the fact that I don't have the 'required papers' prevent me Carl? 

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Yes, it would. You would have to sit them. Strangely enough up the road in Lancashire, I have everything I need to be a Station Manager, e.g. Grads.

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That is ridiculous.  Surely the papers GMC require apply only to those who haven't yet passed their members?  Seems daft that I would have to go back to the IFE and sit papers for a qualification I already have? 

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Yes, they do apply to those who have not passed. Most people who took them early doors took the required papers and then another that was different and perhaps made it more interesting such as Fire Investigation or Aero Studies. Many who had the MiFireE qualification have already gone through the system. All those going for promotion now require Ops and Incident Command, Fire Safety and the Science Paper. The HR paper is not required as you go through a ILM Course internally. However, should you want to get the full MiFireE post nominals, you would have to sit the 4th paper.

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