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Christmas and New Year Duty


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Thought I’d start this annual thread about who’s working (or not) over the festive period and the jobs we (will have) had.

For me it’s a 24 hour shift starting from 0900 on Christmas Day, but then it’s down to the airport at lunchtime on Boxing Day for a flight to Austria for a week with the outlaws 😁😁

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Lucky you. Back on duty boxing day for my set, although im doing an additional shift 23rd night and new years eve night as a shift swap ( i got a nightshift for daddy day care in return )

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Days on Dec 23rd and Christmas Eve, nights on Christmas night and boxing night.  

LFB red watch have copped Christmas yet again😕

We also have the pleasure of working days on New Years Eve AND New Years Day.

Im already looking forward to next Christmas as we miss it completely, thank god.

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13 hours ago, Carefree said:

LFB red watch have copped Christmas yet again😕

I feel your pain, I was reds when we copped Christmas Night and day in 15 &16 respectively.

I since got promoted to SM last year and placed onto the rota that was doing 48hrs beginning at 0800hrs Christmas Day, oh the joy 😑

Fast forward to this year, and my 4th Christmas in a row is a 48hr beginning at 0800hrs on Christmas Eve.

To make it even more enjoyable, I am OOD on Christmas Day. For the non Londoner’s amongst us, that is Officer of the Day, put simply the nominated SM is ‘the first line of defence for for principal management’ where events that can impact the organisation for that 24hr period is concerned. It includes being at the Rescource Managment Centre for 8am with the fun and games of sickness, special et al and also attending Brigade Control where there is an 8PF or more.

Next year looks a helluva lot better!!

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Xmas day and Boxing Day days for me. 

We are off to the children’s hospital on Xmas day for a bit then whoever has kids, they are coming to the station for a visit. 

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That’s me done 😁.  Got turned out at about 11pm Christmas Day to a 6 pump high rise fire in a hotel.  Got back home at 6 this morning.

Quick cuppa, grab my bags and off to the airport now 👍 🥳

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