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Slipping Braces

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Evening all!

2 days into LFB training school and its going great so far! My only problem is with my PPE leggings. I've got the braces on as tight as they'll go on my body, but every time i stretch or move my arms, they fall down my shoulders and sit in the top of my tunic arm holes. It's not really an overwhelming issue to the point I can't work in them because I certainly can, but its definitely uncomfortable and makes me want to undo my tunic and take my gloves off every 2 minutes to bring them back up. I don't know if its because I've got bigger traps than 'normal' people or what, but I can't stop them from sliding down!

Is there anything i can attach or do to them to stop them from falling?

edit: this is the new Bristol LFB PPE if thats relevant

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Ive seen many a firefighter cross them over for that very reason. May be frowned upon as not wearing the PPE as intended, but it will certainly prevent them riding down ;)

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Cross them over as Carl says or use some insulation tape to bind the straps together higher up from where they are stitched.  I had some leggings that did this and the tape worked. 

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I have this strap on my new PPE but it keeps slipping down to the bottom and then the shoulder straps slip off. I am thinking about sewing it into place, any objections? 

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Can't help but just think pull the connecting elastic up?

Mine slips, I pull the lower piece of the brace and it slides through the connecting piece thus solving the issue?

Only other way I've seen is looking a bootlace through the connecting piece so It can be pulled up wet suit style. This way you don't stitch it and have an issue when it's sent off for servicing 

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It's the connecting piece that keeps slipping down.

Very similar to the ones in this picture, the black peice slips down inside my tunic. 


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Well I wouldn't go sewing it. Just pull the bottom slightly and it will pop up. Or loop a lace around it as said before. Works well

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I've seen guys pulling the elastic bit over their head and positioning it across the chest, haven't tried it myself, but I have crossed them over at the front

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