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New Probationer on Station


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I’m coming to the end of my recruits course with GMFRS (pass out in 2 weeks) and I’ll be on station not long after that. 

I was just wondering what the drill is on station when the newbie arrives when it comes to first few shouts, training on station, familiarisation with the pump and kit.

Also is there anything I should watch out for on my first couple of tours that the crew might do to mess with me 😅 

Cant wait to start!

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Be keen, be smartly turned out, be proactive and take any banter coming your way in the manner that it is meant.  

As the new guy you will be expected to do certain jobs on station and on shouts that other more experienced firefighters have done a thousand times before, so remember that when it’s starts to become tedious.  You will have a development book to complete so spend any spare time you get doing your paperwork.  

In addition, motivate yourself to learn the stowage on the truck(s).  During the first few shouts they will expect you to be searching through the lockers to find certain pieces of equipment.......... but you can’t be doing that after a few tours in, after a while you SHOULD know where everything is kept.

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do then ask your WM or CM if anything needs doing.  If not then get in the kitchen and help the Mess Manager with the food.  In a nutshell, keep busy.

As for your new watch ‘messing with you’ I’d say just take it as it comes.  It isn’t like it used to be many years ago so don’t worry.

Good luck.

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Ive had a fair share of wind ups from my watch, nothing malicious and ive laughed alongside them after. Its up to you to decide what you deem is acceptable and if somethings a bit too far, you’ll probably realise it straight away

On the flipside i did get my own back during the christmas speech. And when we did a trauma scenario with an older hand playing the casualty, i was told to treat it for real so when he went into “cardiac arrest” out came the trauma shears and 6 seconds later he’d been cut out of his uniform

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On 08/12/2018 at 22:38, Lumie said:

@Carefree so no toothbrushes where the sun doesnt shine as we read on the station prank thread😂

That wasn’t a prank, more of a return of serve after having his locker and clothes, basically everything he had covered in tuna juice when he hates the smell.

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