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Humberside 2018 Success


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There's an old Chinese proverb in life " The river cuts through rock, not because of it's power, but because of it's persistence".

 Many years ago I decided I would like to be a firefighter, or fireman as it was back then. There was no internet (well not for me anyway) no online learning, or applications, or forums, pretty much nothing other than ringing a brigade up and getting to send you our a recruitment 'pack' then visiting a station. To apply you needed to send off a blank post card with your name, address, gender and if you were picked in the luck 200 to get an app form back you stood a chance. I applied for many years without even getting a chance to prove myself. Many years passed and it changed to PQA style applications through to online only as it is now but no matter what happened I was never deterred , never fazed, and I never gave up. I can't even remember how many brigades I've applied for now, 12 possibly more, and 10+ years on this forum. Many have told me that they would've thrown in the towel long before now but not me I did EVERYTHING it took to get in and have now received my offer of employment for wholetime firefighter as of 1st March with Humberside fire and rescue. 

16 years it took me to achieve this and If I've learned anything from all this is to always believe in yourself, never let anyone tell you that 'you can't' and never give in. 

I are loads of people who I would like to thank for their help over the years, @Carl in particular for setting up this form and having access to THE best source of info on the net. It's just a pity some of the others who have come and gone won't see this..who remembers people like Jimmybell, Fireftrm, Phantom, Lizzy, all none existent now who helped out massively. I hope to be here for many years to come helping others because I know just how hard it is and how every bit helps in this game no matter how small.

I hope I've been some inspiration to some of you. There are people reading this who get rejection after rejection and I've been there probably more times than most of you but my persistence paid off, follow my lead and you WILL get there! 

Keep pushing, keep learning, and believe in yourself. Keep your dream alive and never give up- NEVER -EVER -GIVE- UP!!!

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Well done mate. Congratulations and enjoy your career. I can see that you’ve definitely earned it. Hopefully your persistence will inspire others to never give up.

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Congrats mate, persistence is the name of the game now and you have really showed it. It will make the job all the more sweeter

And 10 years on the forum? Wow, just made me realise im not long off the same milestone on here

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Well done mate, you have helped me massively throughout the process with detailed descriptions of each phase and what to expect! Even little things such as parking advice haha! I’m sure those posts will help many more in the future. You have put the work in and deserve it! 

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Wow, really inspirational mate. 

Well done for not giving up hope and earning from all past experiences. 

Really does show that you’ve GOT to put the work in. 

All the best in your new venture!

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Congratulations Gav, superb effort pal. Christmas has come early! 

Party hard this month and prepare for the course next year. Enjoy your training 

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Congratulations @Gav. I know how long this has taken and I am really pleased you have finally made it. As I say to all those who get there, I hope we have helped in some way, shape or form. 

Enjoy the future, it's going to be a good one. ;)

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