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LFB Recruit Training


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Regarding the LFB training course.

There was some LFB training days lost this year due snow and the recruits had to make up lost days on Saturdays so be prepared.

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@Harve88 on top of the Saturdays and Sunday we’re already doing for making up for the Christmas break? Do you think they’ll push back our training finish date, or do you think they’ll dock a few classroom days to homework so we do physical stuff then?

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Classroom days 😂😂 no such thing mate, after IEC your out in PPE unless doing tests or doing your BA tests. 

There is a set timetable for all 55 days of training and they won’t be moved around. If you need to do extra days, they will likely be weekends

Also, be prepared for a solid amount of guided learning each night 

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No classroom days at all @Lumie  all the classroom stuff is done in your own time every evening (2hrs min)- as @LFB92 said they will fit it in any missed days on weekends

We did extra Saturdays due to bank holidays and was talk of doing more when the fire house at PR nearly went out of action for maintenance for few days earlier this year - luckily it didn’t and we had no extra days but be prepared for it especially if it’s a bad winter



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@Jamiejet you should see the online learning platform Babcock give us for the pre-course learning and the learning equipment for the course... they've had a whole new revamp today. So now it's pretty and nice to look at, but still kicks you out every 30-45 minutes without saving progress and horrible to use on mobile; that's if you can get on the site in the first place :/

I'm hoping they'll sort it out for future recruits because its a complete ball ache. It's usable, but I'd rather they send us a textbook tbh.

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@Lumie that is definitly an ongoing issue. The trainers are well aware of it and on days where not many of us have been able to access the guided learning, they have gone through it with us the next day. For your pre course learning I would definitly print out all the PDFs so you can have a read whenever you need to.

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For pre learning I downloaded all the pdf and put them on my Dropbox and made available for the rest of the course. The system is terrible and it's known.  But you still need to learn as much as possible as the test does count

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