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Tailored Uniform

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Hey guys I’m hoping to get some help with LFB station wear.

I got sized up on Friday for uniform. Long story short, my body proportions are vastly different to what the ‘average’ persons would be. My chest and shoulders are too wide for a 16” shirt and my waist is too small for a 17” shirt. I got told to put down 17” and I’ll pretty much just have to grow into it. The 17” shirt I had on was incredibly baggy and the sleeve covered some of my forearms - which to me looks unprofessional. You know when parents buy their kids school uniform in year 7 that’s 3x too big so they’ll grow into it by year 11, that’s exactly how I looked?

I was just wondering if we would be allowed to get our uniforms professionally tailored with someone’s permissions and checks, obviously out of my own pocket which i do not mind.

if not I can suck it up, but if we’re allowed to make sizing alterations it would go a long way.


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You’ll grow into it?! Not surprised you have the nickname baby ? saying that I had to size up in my shoes and my boots about 2 years after I joined and I was 22 not 18. So you probably have quite a bit of growing left to do. 

To be honest there’s probably not much point asking those sort of questions on here you’d be better off just telephoning HR and asking them the question as you’ll get a straight answer.

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@LFB92 not so much a fashion show, more when I go to someone’s house and the impression they get of me I’m scruffy:( thinking more of the image of LFB than myself:/ 

@HoldFast do you pay for anything once you outgrow it? I’ll email claire in a minute, thanks anyway:)

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No mate. When the time comes it will just be an order request to stores for whatever you need. Depending on the order some stuff might get rejected but for something like that I can’t see that happening. Depends who you have running your stores I guess... there’s another topic about this running somewhere I’m sure...

I had an order for a spare pair of firecraft gloves rejected. Who’d have thought it? I guess when my current ones are totally worn out il just have to say “sorry boss can’t go in don’t have any gloves” until they send me a new pair.

You’ll need items of uniform/PPE replacing every so often throughout your career.

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@HoldFast makes sense, thank you!

@Jamiejet I’d rather not step on any toes or be needing to ask anyone for forgiveness this early in my career? will they really notice a difference is what I’m thinking... if I didn’t make this public post I could’ve gotten away with it pretty easily I reckon, but now there’s a papertrail?

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If you make any alterations no one will know. Ive been wearing Next black trousers for years. The ones supplied by the service are pretty crap really, so I just buy my own. Makes me feel more comfortable and looks professional. You will have to get used to service uniform being what it is. 

In terms of your shirt, there is nothing worse that a tight collar. Ask @Percy, he's well up on our service uniform sizes ?

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It's been a long tradition of the LFB that the uniform doesn't fit, so please don't go changing it just to get comfortable.

When I was a fire safety inspecting officer, we had made to measure uniforms and the tailors would run you up a suit rather than a uniform if u asked nicely.

OMG. Some were dreadful. I had a suit jacket that must have been cut from a cover all chemical protection suit pattern! There was a shoulder hump that quazimodo would have been proud of and would have easily hidden a BA cylinder if I had needed to wear a set under it!

For most IOs it would have been awkward, but one of my first visits in the suit (before someone pointed out I looked a right nob in it,) was down Saville Row!

They must have had a good laugh when I left. That jacket was soon off to Africa in a charity bag and i understand now houses a family of six 😉

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