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The Fires That Foretold Grenfell


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I have been reading a post in another forum from a guy who was on the fire investigation team flown to the Summerland fire.

The BBC interviewed him where he says they were disappointed to hear that most of the 50 who died, did so before the combustible Oroglass cladding ignited. His interview was not used in the final cut.

He says that they were clearly after the human suffering/sensational side of the stories and despite the title, there didn't appear to be much interest in how lessons were or were not learned.

Just bear that editorial aim in mind when watching the documentary 

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I was disappointed to hear the programme makers say repeatedly that stay put is a Fire Brigade owned thing....

Yes, every Service, instructed by government, buys into the concept. It works, when compartmentation works. But we don't own it.....do we? 

Also, is there any guidance now, on when we abandon advice to stay put? 

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Stay put (or Defend in Place) is a concept accepted by the Govt who have produced and sponsored a range of guidance to Building Control Officers, Fire Consultants, Landlords and others.

In addition to residential blocks, the NHS use Progressive Horizontal Evacuation - where people are moved laterally to another part of the building - a form of defend in place, and even Phased or Staged Evacuation strategies have an element of 'leaving' people in the building

The Dept for Communities & Local Govt (DCLG) and Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) have issued guidance on fire safety within residential flats, and following the Lakanhal Inquest, the Local Govt Association (LGA) reviewed the aforementioned guidance and found no case to amend it.

The UK Fire & Rescue Service do not own it and never have done. Its about time the LFB came out of their corner and defended their position. 

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I've got to say, nothing I saw in that documentary was 'new' apart from the slant being laid onto it. Can someone tell me how, in a building designed from the outset to support 'stay put', without an adequate staircase to support simultaneous resident egress/ fire service entry, without a means of raising the alarm to evacuate residents in the first place, how we can do anything else bar stay put?

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I'm sure there are many people on twitter or the comments section of the Daily Mail who know better than we do Neil.

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Suspect LFB will be in for a hard time regarding stay put policy in next weeks Dispatches on C4. They have started showing the trailers for it now, can't find anything online as yet, but no doubt will be available soon.

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