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Well its been a long journey, but not as long as others, to get to this point - but I can finally feel confident to post this now.

I received my offer of employment from LFB on Friday which has been returned today. To give an idea of timescales I started the process in October 2017, Interviewed April, Physical April, Medical In may then a very long wait until last week for my Aids to vision appointment - the delay being due to the summer holidays and the appointments being performed by students!

My start date is 19/11/2018 so if anyone is also on that course please feel free to get in touch, if not ill see you at the welcome day!

I'd like to also say how useful this forum has been, often I haven't even needed to ask a question, simply search and find the previous answers that have been posted. Its a really invaluable source of information in this cloudy world of Firefighter recruitment!

But for now its a case of continually training, signing off from the Army Reserve (sadly) and listening to a plethora of smokey stories from my ex WMFS Station Officer Dad!

And to anyone else struggling to get in or feeling down heartened; this is my 4th FF application since I was 18 (Now 24) so just keep at it!

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