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Stephen Neill - St Pancras Fire - Oct 1st

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 Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the sad loss of FF Stephen Neill at the St Pancras Rd 35p fire in 1978. We've got one of the FBU's red plaques to be unveiled this morning @ 11:30 approx. This will be affixed to the new building once the reconstruction of the existing building has completed. RIP Stephen, never forgotten.

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What a shame- I  didnt know about this event as I won't be able to make it now. Do you know if there will be another ceremony when the plaque is installed?

Although I wasn't there when the collapse occurred, I was on an early relief and the scene was shocking - reminiscent of a WWII photo 

The job was a 35 pump fire (perhaps a 50 pump fire now) when a corner of a large brick warehouse collapsed onto  TL when it was being moved. There was much debate whether the TL should have been moved or abandoned when cracks were first noticed 

Later in my career I met the TL operator who recounted the story first hand. Horrendous.

I remember the damaged TL and shock. I stood on the roof of an adjacent hospital wetting the roof as flying brands landed when another FF was injured and I recall so much hose

But most of all I remember the long faces everywhere and lack of humour and excitement.  Very sad

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Hi Messy, yes my friend, there will be another ceremony once all's completed. It'll be held on the next anniversary after completion of the building. I'll put details on here with a bit more warning next time.

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Thanks mate. I really can't believe it's 40 years. Mind you, when you look around that area, it looks like 1000 years have passed. It's just a shame Stephen didn't get a chance to see the transformation of KX St Pancras ?

Such a waste of life and such a preventable accident 

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@Cashybai, if you send us a paragraph or so I will add it to the calendar so it pops up every year at the bottom of the forum. ;)

To be honest, I really want to add as many as I can to the calendar so all the fallen pop up but I need a definitive list. ;)

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