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New Fire Doors in Sheltered Home

David Kohlbeck

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My Mother lives in a sheltered housing complex approximately 50 units on 3 floors. The have just fitted new doors with closers. My Mother lives alon 3rd floor. She is unable to open her front door as the closer is too strong and she has a walker frame. Council are refusing to loosen the door or about ten others. Are there regulations that can force them to fix immediately? They say it will be done in the next year it’s not a priority. Can you comment?

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It sounds to me that if she cannot readily leave her room in the event of an emergency - specifically due to the new door closer - there is a serious failing which needs to be remedied asap.

Don't let them fob you off with a "We have a stay put policy here' argument, because as we have seen, stay put strategies sometimes have to be abandoned

How about a free swing fire door closer. Made for the job: 


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