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Over Border BA and Rapid Deployment


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Heres a scenario for you all:

Youre the OiC of a pump from Anyshire FRS tipped out to a house fire. This is close to the border of Big Boy FB and you are riding 4. You know they are also attending in one pump, ride 5 as standard but know you will get there first. However they dont have compatible BA equipment

You arrive, see it could be a going job and commit a team under RD. The driver is off sourcing the water so its just you left. Youve made up but its pot luck on which service the crew comes from. BBFB arrive and its clear that another team will need to be committed. Your team is still inside under RD. Will you commit the second team thus taking it to Stage 1 even though your own team are inside with no-one to monitor the board?

I know OGBA policy states that teams from different services can commit from the same board as long as the teams arent mixed and the equipment compatible. But with more services riding 4 as standard i think this could complicate things? Anyones experiences on this would be interesting.

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Is the purpose of the rapid deployment at this incident for persons reported/confirmed? if so those rescues clearly take priority over potential interoperability of BA equipment and fully managed entry control.

If I’m that OIC I’m not standing there formulating a message I’m dragging hose off the truck and whacking the tallies in the board picking up the slack until resources allow things to settle down into a rhythm. To be fair I’m new to the oic role myself and have had it mentioned i’m a bit too keen to get on the tools!

The next BA team will have to come from the second attendance with their own ECO in my opinion. 

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Its not known wether there are persons reported in the house. You as the OiC are doing what you are meant to do, point is there is no one available from Anyshire to monitor that board ( which i probsbly shouldve clarified has a telemetry link )

Im not a JO myself but this has come up in discussion with my WT/RDS CC. At my station the two OB services we meet up with have the same equipment but i thought i would add the complication as another two surrounding services dont

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Keep my 2 BA in the job under rapid deployment and get the other brigade to deploy their resources under their own procedures on their board.  I’d want their IC in contact with me and would move to stage 1 on my board when I’ve got resources from my own service in attendance.  If the appliances that subsequently arrive aren’t my service then my BA come out (if appropriate) and we have everybody on that services board but with me in charge if I’m still the WM.  My messages would then reflect whatever we ended up doing.  

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Easy for me.  We don’t do RD at the moment so will already be stage 1.  This brings its own complications around driver / pump op / baeco role sharing with 4 I know and means (s)he won’t be off sourcing water while I have a crew committed - the second machine can dump their tank to me on arrival if necessary.  And we don’t commit any other service through our board, ever, so that’s not an option.  So the second team has to be them with their board.  My make up will have specified that “Essex BA is required” unless it is very clear that the other service will have machines there faster in which case as soon as resources allow them to commit sufficient crews then I will withdraw my crew and run with their BA. As Noddy says, messages will reflect what is going on and if time allowed then I would be recording my rationale in a decision log as it will probably be scrutinised at a later date.

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Couldn't be more simple, the 2nd second appliance crew commit through their own board using their own procedure, 

The OIC will be the most senior officer from the Fire Authority who's ground you are on.

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Fully understand what everyone has said about committing the second team under their own procedures, however is there any reason why the ECO can't take over the monitoring of the first team? Even if you are using different equipment, the time to whistle should be easy to read and monitor.

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