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So I have kept rather quiet up until now as did not want to jinx it but I signed my contract yesterday so looks like I've ticked all the boxes.

Wanted to say thanks to this forum as reading the comments on different topics has inspired me to stay the course when knocked back or frustrated. It's good to know your not the only one awaiting an email/phone call, or struggling with a certain stage.

I have been on a holding list for nearly two years and made it to interview four times. I know there are many who have persivered for longer and you guys are truly resilient and inspiring. 

I would encourage those that keep falling short at a hurdle that you will overcome it. Each set back is an opportunity to learn something and build on.

I'm 41 and feel rather older than those i have encountered through the different processes. But I have been able to bring many life experiences to bat for me as an asset. 

Super stoked and looking forward to finally start training.

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Thanks lfb92. 

Welcome day was all about super loads of info into what to expect with upcoming course. Getting measured for uniform, equipment carry test and conscience test. All good. Great to finally meet those i will be on the course with. All together an enjoyable day.

Thanks carefree im super stoked. Been times i thought it wouldn't happen for sure. I thought I was leaving it pretty late to be fair at 41?

Yer thanks luminoki i think I'm by far the oldest so won't come as a surprise?

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Thanks samm1010 will get to take you up on that. What have you been doing for accommodation if you don't mind me asking? I got air b and b for first two weeks at harrow and was going to play it from there. I'm coming up from North devon so my geographic knowledge of future brigade ain't that great as of yet.

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