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Another LFB 2018 Success

Out In The Past

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Just wanted to drop a thanks to everyone on this forum - not for just being helpful but a real sanity check at times!

My story began, ultimately, when I worked in LFB’s comms team between 2014-2017, where I learned so much about the role of firefighters, what the job involves and realised it was something I wanted to do.

I left LFB and went to work elsewhere but their FF recruitment opened not long after, in August 2017, and I dropped an application in. If I’m honest, I never expected to pass each round - I finished the mechanical tests etc in about 15 minutes; the role play day was a little cringe at times but I found the interview straight forward (I’ve done comms for 11 years so I have scenarios to fit everything); my fitness wasn’t at its peak come the fitness day etc. But each time I surprised myself and progressed and got in at the first go.

I’m now due on a course in December - I have a two month notice period and I go on my honeymoon next week - so a slight wait but it’ll fly by no doubt.

So thanks to everyone for your helpful insight, it really is invaluable at times when you are going through the process.

And of course, I’ll be sticking about ?

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Big congratulations Richard, your hard work and dedication has paid off. Enjoy :)

2 hours ago, RichardWilson84 said:

And of course, I’ll be sticking about

I do hope the statement is true. Sadly,  Ive just had a look at other members who have said this, and we haven't seen many of them for dust. Thankfully those worth their salt do stay ;)

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