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Composite Fire Doors Fail New Tests


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More post Grenfell news:

Composite fire doors from 5 suppliers that were previously certified, have failed new safety Govt tests where either side of the fire door is heated. The Home Office have order fire door manufactuers to meet to discuss a way forward and report back weekly.

Despite perhaps 10s of thousands of composite (plastic) doors being installed in flats, HM Govt have issued the statement:

The government’s Independent Expert Panel and the National Fire Chiefs Council have advised that the additional risk to public safety is low, as even when not meeting full resistance standards fire doors will provide some protection from the spread of fire and are part of layered fire protection systems within buildings.

 Some protection? - Well that's alright then!!!

This is very worrying news, but was released when Parliament and much of the mainstream media are on holiday during August, and has not been widely reported. Accident or conspiracy? I couldn't possible comment.

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From my point of view, it's the whole raft of guidance and standards that relate to building materials is the blame 

For designing automatic fire detection systems there's BS5839. For emergency lighting you have BS5266 and so on.

But for building material testing, there are scores of standards from the UK, US and Europe.  I really do think it needs simplifying 

But you are right @Firestorm, the excellent fire safety standards we all assumed were in place, came crashing down with the burnt cladding debris at Grenfell and uncovered a poorly researched industry which ( IMO) is far too influenced by the industries that need controlling.

You wouldn't let prisoners in a jail set the standard for the locks and perimeter wall would you?

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