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Water-Mist Extinguishers


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Does anyone within have experience with or testimonials from anyone using an AF rated water-mist extinguisher in anger? I work in fire safety for a FRS and constantly come across premises like care homes with huge quantities of paired extinguishers where a single 6L AF rated water-mist would be sufficient or better, but the big fire extinguisher companies refuse to even offer them quoting: "Non compliant with BSI for B&C or electrical". I have suggested to the premises owners to contact their fire risk assessors to investigate the possibility of changing to water-mist in an effort to save them money and reduce the burden of training and potential of wrong selection, but in the main FRAs will not put their name to such changes.

Since this website is linked to the various FRS, is there a possibility for a recommendation for water-mist extinguishers as a direct replacement for the various other types (where appropriate and as directed by FRA) so we can eventually introduce this technology across a wider spectrum and remove the stranglehold of the big movers in the industry fighting to retain their monopoly. In my experience the only sticking point for the majority of premises owners is that of no one being prepared to stick their head up and make that recommendation (including their own technical team!).

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Food for thought but the Water-Mist extinguishers are only safe for use 'Inadvertently' on fires involving electricity as long as it's passed the di-electrode test.  

Until the manufacturer explicitly puts the lighting symbol on the can it will always be a Co2 everytime. No one is willing to stick their necks out, like you say, and because one manufacturer sits on BAFE top table nothing will change

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We have around 100 of these 'Service free' foam extinguishers on trial in locations where it is difficult to service them. Look at what they offer compared with water mist:

  • Extinguisher Rating 27A, 183B - far surpasses standard 6ltr foams
  • Corrosion-proof design
  • 10 Year savings on engineer's charges
  • No refill after five years required
  • Low temperature 'Anti-freeze' version available (rating 13A 183B)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000 V at a distance of 1m
  • Recyclable extinguisher
  • Can be factory refurbished after use or at the end of its 10 year life to give another 10 year  lifespan. This service costs currently £120 ex VAT including collection and re-delivery from and to your premises.
  • UV Protected
  • Super strength composite construction
  • Over 1kg lighter than a standard 6ltr foam extinguisher
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • Free 'after fire replacement'

Britannia 6ltr foam

We have had them for 5 years. They outstrip water mist in performance and cost. Our estates people love em as no service engineers to visit and a simple DIY maintenance check. No issues reported yet 

And yes, F&RS across the UK (including the LFB) are accepting them during audits  and at least two F&RS are carrying them on their appliances

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