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Vauxhall Zafira Fires


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I can't recall having any Vauxhall Zafira fires over the past few years but looking at the news, they are still happening. Has anyone here had any significant numbers of these fires or is it just the odd one here and there. Someone must be attending them?

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I saw it on the news which just prompted me, so I thought what the hell, Im trying my hardest to generate posts and thought I would ask the question. After a bit of digging, it appears less that 300 have caught fire in the UK. I say 300, its still of course a hell of a lot, considering its just one model. 

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i tell you what i have noticed an increase in mate, fires starting in Electrical consumer units, Ive been to 3 or 4 recently. May be just a weird coincidence to me?

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I've not seen many in the news either but I had noticed an increase in the consumer units @Dyson too.  Be interesting to know types and ages of those been involved.

Must say I think there has been an increase in bigger jobs this last year as a whole, several make ups around here a week for building fires of various size/type and they say fires don't happen anymore!

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Think the main issue with the Zafira fires is the time it took Vauxhall to admit the problem and issue a recall. From memory when this was featured on Watchdog, in general there was also poor information sharing between the manufacturers, insurance industry and the fire service, which could have delayed things.

Seems to be a common problem if you consider the Beko fridge freezers and Whirlpool tumble dryers.

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Last Zafira fire I had was about 3 months ago.  Poor guy was a cabbie and he stood watching as his only means of making a living burned before his eyes. Interestingly he told us that he had complied with every Vauxhall recall concerning this issue......but it still caught fire.

That was the second I've been to in roughly a year.

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