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LFB 2018 - Lumie


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Well, medical is finished and I’m over the moon to say I passed. The doctor said I was the easiest candidate she’s ever had, so I guess that was a plus. 

Ive posted a lot in the forums regarding physicals, interviews etc and i honestly do not think I would have come this far if it wasn’t for the forum. It’s been a massive help!

My application was successful when i was 17 years and 8 months (passed the medical at 18 and 2 months), so without further research (I’ve looked and found nothing) I think I’d conclude I’m most likely one of the youngest candidates to reach training school in the country. What’s the youngest you’ve heard of?

Cannot wait to get stuck in and get into training school! See you all on the fire ground:)

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Well done Lumie, get your head down once you start training and keep it down whilst on development on station.  

Your development period is (I’m told) a minimum of 18 months when on station and you will be expected to spend any free time you have writing up evidence for your book, and when not doing that you’ll be expected to practice things you learnt during training like knots etc.

Very best of luck.

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@LFB92 thanks bud, will they email or call as I’ve heard both and tend not to answer the phone to unknown numbers, but obviously I’ll have to start picking up haha! 

@TrainHardFightEasy I can’t wait! Thank you.

@Mx19 when was your physical/interview? If your name is James we need to get each other’s numbers so I can talk to you about accomodation arrangements!

@Carefree I’ve been told to do just that. Apparently my age will play against me when trying to settle into a station with the older guys, so keeping my mouth shut and doing a good job are what I’m focussed on. Hopefully my skills and knowledge will play in my favour regarding relationships with the older guys.

@Lewis thank you!

@CaptainFlack funny you say that I’ve turned 4 clients away and no longer wish to pursue that after the conversation we all had on here haha. It’s been a very stress free couple weeks I must say! Don’t see myself picking it back up for a while I cannot lie. Thank you!

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