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Magnum Boots

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Can you tell me how we upgrade our Jack to an Alan please?  Jack takes his role to be storing kit for as long as humanly possible,  not issuing it. ??

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He's good that Alan. I was a bit taken aback when he was kitting me out a couple of weeks ago that he was prepared to actually give me things, rather than just show all the stuff that will be locked away like king Tut's tomb as does out storesman ?

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Just as with the Tower of London legend that the monarchy will fall if the Ravens ever leave, Alan’s not allowed to leave Stores either otherwise Surrey FRS would be no more ?

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I love my Magnums. They may be a bit old and a bit smelly (a bit like me) but they beat the dreadful, unfit for purpose, painful to wear, zero protection issue shoes that we're given.

Does Alan need a drink?

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