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Commuting to Work


Commuting to Work  

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  1. 1. How do you commute to work

    • Car
    • Motor bike
    • Bus
    • Train
    • Underground
    • Tram
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Cycle
    • Other
  2. 2. If you use the car, could you use an alternative method

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not practical

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From a few other topics in which Hampshire have dropped the requirement for a driving licence to apply, LFB offering interest free loans for Tube tickets and from the news that millennials are less likely to drive, got me wondering if it is possible to get to work without a car.

Place your votes above on how you get to work and discuss your own experience below.

For me, whilst it may just about be possible to get to work on the bus, its totally impractical and would probably add an hour each way. Firstly I'd have to drive to the park and ride, then get an express bus that would pass through the station area, making its way to the city centre bus station. It would then be another bus back out stopping at every stop along the way.

Think I'll stick with the car, much less hassle.

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I use my car for a 42 mile round trip to work.  If i were to rely on public transport it would be a 10 minute walk to the train station, 40 minute train ride in to train station A. Then a 10 minute walk up to train station B and a tram ride into work ( not forgetting a 10 minute walk to my station from the tram stop ) 

Having looked at it when bored on Google maps there are a fair few stations i could either cycle to or use a combination of cycling and the train. But im much happier paying through the nose for fuel/road tax/insurance

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I find public transport isn't worth it unless you are in a big town or city.  I live a 20 minute or 1.1 mile walk from the train station, £7 fair in a taxi.  I spent all day in London on tube/buses about 18 months ago and I spent £6 and I was all over.

Where I can I will try and use train for long journeys as I can work but with alot of my work been last minute its too expensive to book cheap trains and it costs a fortune on the day.  If I was working back in town and not on the road I would bike/walk to work with no issues as I've had enough with driving and more than likely have to pay through the roof for parking.

Just thinking around here wholetime station/HQ wise there are several stations no way near any transport and would involve a walk, any bus journey would be in excess of an hour and many journeys involved.

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I got lucky with my station as it is 2 miles away and that's along the main road. I am planning on cycling to work and running when the weather is good. Others from our recruits course got stationed at least 50 mins away and that's without traffic. 

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When I was in LFB I used to ride in on a scooter. The 45 minutes it would take me to ride in would easily have been doubled in a car. I think they're absolutely ideal for travelling around a big city. £5 worth of fuel would take me almost 150 miles! I also had the option of a train (downside to that was a rush hour change at Clapham Junction).

Now I either have to drive or use my motorcycle. No option to use public as no direct link plus my station is a good half hour walk from the train station. I have a transfer in to a station that will enable me to get train to work (I live five minutes from my station and it's a direct train).

It seems when they build new fire stations now in new locations, they really do not take travel into consideration. Although not a fire station, LFB's training centre in Beckton is a perfect example of somewhere being an absolute ball ache to get to.

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Since moving back I car share. There are a couple of bods who live local to me but I usually only share with one of them. Cut's our fuel down by 50% and gives me someone to moan at instead of shouting at the radio/other road users/pedestrians etc

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When I used to be a YFF/cadet I could easily get to and from the station using a day ticket on the bus.

I have a scooter now and could probably get to the same station with half an hour to spare.

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