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FDS Vehicles

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Following on from a similar topic, namely FDS Cars, I am interested to hear from those who supply their own cars for the FDS Schemes on what car they buy or lease to enable them to respond. 

In GMFRS all FDS Officers supply their own cars and claw the mileage etc. However, there appears to be no preference with some responding in Corsas to your high end Audis and Jags. 

What do your FDS officers mainly use as their response car, if they supply their own?

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Sounds similar here mate with FDS  just using what they have already.  Some have flash cars and some not so flash but blue lights get fitted to them by the brigade.  

The only FDS exception is ourselves in FIT.  We have our own pool car each which is a combo van that we take home. 

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On 10/08/2018 at 11:59, Noddy said:

Some have flash cars and some not so flash

Whats the make up of the cars. Does the FRS have a policy that states what engine size you have to have or how many doors etc? 

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