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First of all huge congratulations. I love posting in this section. Well done :)

Secondly, I was going to post a little inspiration for others, but you appear to capture that perfectly in the quote below ;)

18 minutes ago, OscarTango said:

If youre going through the process now, of any description, be bloody minded and keep grafting. The joy was sucked out of me after so many applications. But after every interview, every practice apollo test, every bleep test, I got slightly better each time. If its your first or 100th attempt at getting in, it will eventually happen, just make sure you are the best version of yourself you can be each time. Identify your own weaknesses, hammer them, and enjoy the process of improving.

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Nice one OT, I’ve followed and sometimes contributed on here re your journey and I’m thrilled that you’ve finally got to where you want to be.  You deserve it mate, well done you?

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Another one of “the Lifers” gets their well deserved release date.  Another great demonstration that perseverance and a drive to improve oneself really does pay off in the end.  Really well deserved.

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Many congratulations and what a journey!!! Your resilience has paid off and with your MoD base closing, just in time!

Good luck with your new employer and role

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