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My Last Night Shift as WM

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Many congratulation Carl. You more than deserve it mate.

Nights at home, then (like Steve) swanning around jobs trying to look busy and not mess anything up by making any decisions.

Then you engage in pushing your chest out and pointing purposefully  when the press arrive. Then home in time for medals and a cup of tea! ?

Seriously mate,  I am really pleased for you and wish you all the best with this new challenge 



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Thanks for all the messages of support. Its a very big change for me having spent 23 years riding a pump, from Firefighter to Watch Manager.

To those just starting out, you have absolutely no idea just how much you are going to enjoy life on a watch, its golden. I am going to miss it, but as I creep into the last 5 years of my career, I have endless memories of watch life and the incidents that go with it. Those that know me, also know I have my fair share of memorable incidents, some good and some not so good. 

However, as I move on, and as @Steve has alluded to, I will now be attending all the major incidents that GMFRS throws at me, not just my station area, so a new excitement lies around the corner.  

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