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I passed my work related physical tests yesterday, which was the last stage of the recruitment process for me and I am completely over the moon! This has been a dream since I first applied at 18 and has taken me 8 years to finally get in! I am hoping for an october/november start for training school as autumn was mentioned, but I have no idea when it will start. 



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Well done Mike, good job.  

Hopefully you’ll stick around to help others during your training and once on station.  

Enjoy training.

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Well done @Mike Forrest you must be super excited to start! Can’t imagine the feeling

Oh did they do your medical before physical mike? 

Did you have any issues with your medical I know how picky LFB can be? 

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Thank  you @Carefree. This forum has been invaluable to me and I will stick around for sure.


@Tom97 Thanks mate, I am mega excited!

Yes, from what I can see, some are doing medicals first then physical, and others are doing physical first. My friend had his physical the day after my medical, and now his medical is next week. 

I had 2 things I thought may be an issue. One was 18 months of medication for low mood. The second was a hand fracture 13 months ago.

Neither were an issue at the medical. I was told regarding the tablets that if any point in the future I felt I needed them again, just to inform the brigade, and with the fracture, the Dr tested my grip strength and movement and was happy with it.

I passed on the day and had no need for further information from my GP or any review panel.

Hope this helps!

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Nice work @Mike Forrest congratulations!!

Have my medical on the 15th but starting to worry wether I’ll pass due to a couple of corrective surgeries; arming myself with specialist reports beforehand though to give myself the best chance!! Hopefully we’ll cross paths on the job/training soon!

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Congratulations. Nice to see another member of the forum become successful. Your hard work has paid off and now you can begin to enjoy your new career as a firefighter. 

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@Slade1890 welcome day is in September mate. Just waiting for the confirmation email which will be sent post DBS check!

Thank you @Carl, it has been quite stressful at times but definitly been worth it. This forum has been a massive help too so thank you.

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